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Meet your new TRAVEL MATE, a super-thin 1mm yoga mat, light-weight and easy for hand carry on a daily basis. Due to its thinness, it is meant to be placed on top of a studio mat, or to place on top of an old mat you already have at home that provides sufficient cushioning for your knees!
Ideal to bring with you on the plane for that next YOGA RETREAT!

These vegan suede mats feel soft and luxurious, making it extremely inviting to be on the mat! The magic behind this material is that it gives you a great non-slip surface. Increases traction as you sweat!
Comes with a black strap.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 182 × 66 × 0.1 cm


1mm 100% natural tree rubber base.

The top layer is a non-slip micro-suede technology.

The microfiber top layer is smooth & absorbent and is bonded to the natural tree rubber base.


To Clean:

All Vegan Suede mats can be cleaned by wiping down the mat with a natural Cleaning Spray after your daily practice. And if after a few months it needs a good clean, we recommend watering it down, in the shower, or in your garden with a hose. Be gentle with the fabric, using a gentle cloth and water with a gentle fabric softener.

To Store:

Do not leave the mat exposed to direct sunlight. If wet, allow the mat to dry by hanging it before rolling up.


Hot Yoga
Sweaty Practices

3 reviews for MORE THAN BLUSH Travel Mat-E

  1. Kathrin

    This travel mat is one of my favorites. I just love the color and texture and it is so easy to fold. I have got a total of 5 Reckless OM mats, different colors, textures, thickness and I have to say I love every single one of them…Depending on the type of practice and mood I choose one or another. The microfiber top layer is so smooth and works so well for practising slide forward.

    These mats are real treat and I think everyone should have one 🙂

  2. Virginia

    This travel mat is more that what I expected: is perfect for my sweaty practices. Also is so light that you can bring it everywhere, even fold it!
    And of top of that, is really beautiful! 🙂

  3. Adriana Saez

    I love my mat-e it is so soft it seems a carpet. I like I can fold this easily what is helpful to take it around or if it rains.
    The material is helpful to learn how to FLOAT.

    I’d BUY it again 🙂

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