Knotty Massage Balls


Support your body’s recovery! Our Knotty Massage Balls are perfect for knots and tight areas. Target key points in the body, to reduce pain and improve range of motion.
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Dimensions 7.50 × 19.50 × 10.00 cm


Ethically made from sustainably-harvested renewable cork. RR-OM massage balls are simple, beautiful, lightweight, durable, and made to go where you go.



  • Identify the tight muscle by feeling for a band or knot
  • Position the CORK MASSAGE BALL on the muscle to be released (there is no correct position – everybody is different)
  • Hold position until you feel a twitch or discomfort eases (this may take a few minutes) – approx 60 seconds should be ample
  • Move the CORK MASSAGE BALL to a new position within the same muscle and repeat.


In a standing position, roll the ball in all directions under the dole of the foot. A great exercise to do prior to all activity is to release the supporting muscles of the foot ready for movement. The exercises described on this site are best performed under the guidance of a trained Body Work Practitioner.”

Click here to see how to use them!


Upper legs
Lower back & hips
Upper back & shoulder

Click here to see how to use them!


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